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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 4, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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this is a live picture looking out across the bay from our tower cam as temperatures begin to move toward the freezing mark and possible record lows.
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>> two days ago, it was probably in the 50s and today it's 37. it's freezing. >> the day started with a visit from jack frost, cars in some places were coated with ice crystals. look at this. back live again, this is our explore tore yum camera in san francisco. the only city that may not see freezing temperatures overnight. most other spots will. i'm dan ashley. it's begin with weather anchor spencer christian live doppler 7 hd and tracking the cold. >> yes, jack frost brought his entire family with him tonight. here is live doppler 7 hd. clear skies and cold already but let's talk about the cold hard facts. we have a freeze warning in effect for the entire bay area excludeing san francisco, which will be cold but not freezing. we'll see temperatures not only subfreezing, i'm not talking about 30 degrees subfreezing but low 20s. that's between now and 9:00 a.m.
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friday the freeze warning in effect for this area. exposed pipes can burst and high to therm ya comes from this weather. here are some projected low temperatures for tonight, santa rosa, 23. napa 22. fairfield 25, 26 concord, 25 in morgan hill. we rarely see lows like this, i'll show you which locations may set record lows for tomorrow's date, december 5th. it will be a really cold overnight, bundle up, wear layers, prepare for tomorrow. more later. >> thank you. see you shortly. with subfreezing temperatures spreading tonight to most parts of the bay area as spencer just talked about coping with the cold snap can be a real challenge. here is more from abc 7 news reporter david louie in south san jose. >> reporter: people joke how thin our blood must be, nobody wants to dine al fresco.
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>> we have the space heater on because it's an old building and doesn't heat well. >> reporter: you realize a building is drafty, right? >> definitely drafty. >> reporter: then there is carlos whose story trying to warm things up by featuring tropical clothing. you're selling resort ware? >> there is california. it's not really cold. it's fantastic beautiful sunny day. >> reporter: a cold snap is good for some business. steve has acres of live and cut christmas trees. >> cold weather actually enhances sales, both cold weather and rainy weather. there is more people that come out at that time, and the people love to walk around and feel like it's really winter. >> reporter: another beneficiary is john who sells firewood in south san jose. >> people will decide the nice warm fire watching tv at night will -- it's a good thing. they like a fire at this time of the year. >> reporter: the one thing about
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a cold snap is the need to cover or protect rose bushes. terry is co-founder of friends of the san jose rose garden a grope that help park staff to maintain the 2.5 acres of bushes. the plants get a signal when the temperatures take a dip. >> if the bud dies, that's okay. the plant needs to know cold is coming, winter is coming, store energy. >> reporter: it is stored in the edible berry-like tips. >> well, for many of us around here, this is the first time you really had to turn on the furnace and heat around the house because it's been mild. wayne freedman has more from the north bay. >> how do we know when cold is too cold in the santa rosa home when the thermostat barely budges 50 because the they recall stat won't work. >> i'm hearing about it and the space heater only goes so far. >> reporter: maybe the busiest
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man. william powell of one hour heating and air conditioning. >> this is my fourth or fifth call today? >> reporter: normal? >> this time of year, yes, seven to eight calls a day. >> reporter: really? >> yes. >> reporter: are you done after this one? >> no, no, no, it's not dark yet. >> reporter: in down ton santa rosa a bright sun fooled no one or most anyway. >> it's fine, it's fine. really. >> reporter: unless you're an unfortunate soul facing a night on the street. the equivalent of working for a living. >> if you have no gloves and no hat and you're fortunate to have a coat or something to keep your warm, still not enough. >> places like this save you. >> reporter: last night they made room for almost everyone, almost 80 people. the man that ran the place for 20 years is not sure. upstairs they will fill every
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bed and maybe spill over into the chapel. >> more desperate equals people entering the bottom to make a change. >> reporter: if for some on us it means a coat or scarf or a visit from the furnace repairman. well, for the latest on all the other changes going on, download the news weather app. it will give you severe weather alerts, live radar and hourly temperature forecasts, very timely in the next day or two as this cold snap digs in. it is free at bart confirms tonight that an electrical short caused an emergency brake to engage while traveling almost 70 miles an hour this morning. a train filled with computers sent nine bart passengers to the hospital and delayed thousands of others during the commute. sky 7 hd is overhead. there is a personal with trouble
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breathing moments after it arrived. passengers spent about an hour stranded in the tunnel after the train's parking brake deployed improperly. that happened inside the tunnel as i said and some train cars filled with smoke-like fumes called brake dust. a rider shot this video on board that disabled train. you can see a woman having breathing trouble after she inhaled the brake dust. >> three head kill emergencies and we would have to move to one end of the train back to the other. it was quite intention. >> it's a reminder bart is over 40 years old. we have major needs and a very good preventive maintenance program and we can make a better report. >> lee an melendez has more. >> coughing, my eyes were watering. i was nauseated at the stomach. i couldn't get no air. people trying to keep everybody
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calm. >> reporter: she was one of nine bart passengers put in an ambulance and taken to nearby hospitals. a few passengers were overcome by the fumes, which quickly spread throughout the ten train cars. they had difficulty breathing. >> often times we give them steroids to call their system down, so they can breathe easier and we were doing blood tests to make sure they didn't have carbon monoxide poisoning. >> reporter: adams and others said the train operator tried unsuccessfully to direct those who needed medical attention. >> they make they way to the opposite end of the train and now they are directed to go back to the other opposite end of the train. >> we was there for an hour. the lady passed out. i had to help her out. it was crazy. >> reporter: passengers could not understand why the train doors were locked. >> people were trying to get the doors open. the doors are locked. we're in here with this smoke with nothing but scarves to
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protect us, no communication. >> reporter: the fire battalion chief said locking the doors is done for safety. >> when the ventilation system starts in the tunnel that's an automatic closure of the doors for the safety of the personnel on the train and firefighters responding. >> reporter: at one point adams broke down because she felt bart did nothing to reassure passengers. >> the only thing they were worried about was getting us to a location. this is not okay. >> reporter: she says it will be hard for her to get back on bart. in oakland, lee ann melendez. san jose police are looking for an officer's badge tonight. they say someone broke into an officer's personal car this afternoon. police say it is a priority, obviously, to get the badge back. a spokesman says they are concerned someone could use it to stop someone and present themselves as an officer, obviously. san jose police say if you suspect you've been approached by someone impersonating a cop, call 911 to verify that person's
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identity. a dispatcher will be able to do that. that's always important for all of us to know. coming up next at 9:00, the search for a family that vanished when their plane went down. tonight the one hope in this long, difficult search. three people who found themselves in the right place at the right time and why they were honored for their bravery today. and spencer is going to be back with another chilly night ahead as well as the seven-day
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the third day of a massive search ended without finng the missing plane piloted by a silicon county executive and killing four members of his family. a hunting loan beacon is the only call for help coming from the plane and rescuers are struggling desperately to find it. clayton san dell reports from the wilderness of idaho. >> rescue teams spentin this
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rugged idaho wilderness, search planes are flying with heat sensing cameras, desperately trying to find silicon valley executive dale smith and his family. >> obviously our hearts are breaking and we just want our family back. >> reporter: the single engine took off from baker city oregon sunday headed for montana but near yellow pine idaho smitd radio controllers about engine trouble and asked for directions to an airstrip but the plane never made it vanishing from radar. smith is an experienced pilot. his love of flying seen in this family video he made just three weeks ago. after thanksgiving, he was flying his son daniel and his wife back home also on board daughter amber and jonathan norton her fiancee. their wedding just three weeks away. family and friends know that after three nights on subzero
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cold, time may be running out. >> continue your prayers and continue to hope for a miracle. >> reporter: clayton abc news denver. >> we're getting more details on the deadly shooting of a man who tried to sell a playstation 4 on instagram. he went before a judge today. 21-year-old ronnie collins is charged with the mudder. the prosecutor said collins took advantage of the christmas season to pray on people. he offered to buy the playstation 4 but when they met at a park collins pulled out a gun. he then offered to give up the game console in exchange for his life. >> hey, man, you can have the playstation. this isn't worth it or something to that effect and the defendant said nah and pointed the gun back down at him. >> disturbing, obviously. authorities say collins shot him four times.
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collins also tasfaces two charg of attempted robbery. >> police are investigating a possible kidnapping caught on surveillance video. i want to show that to you. the bus driver pulled up to a stop around 6:00 p.m. a woman was trying to board when a man pulled her away to a nearby business. the driver called 91 but by the time police arrived, they couldn't find either of them. police are asking anybody who knows the man or woman to contact the police department. look cloudy if you identify faces or voices call police. fremont police hope you can help them capture a crook. they posted this surveillance footage. it shows a guy going through a door. he happened to be looking for things right in front of one of two surveillance cameras located inside the home. i bet he didn't know that. the break in happens around
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12:30 saturday afternoon. if you recognize him, call police. we'll post the full clip. remarkable to see what can happen when you watch have a video like that. >> crooks are not evolving at a fast pace. >> they are not. >> but the weather is plummeting. >> very rapidly. >> it is so cold out there. >> how cold is it? >> cold -- too cold for me to describe in poll lit coite comp >> i'm not that polite. [ laughter ] >> he really is terribly polite. live doppler 7 hd clear skies and cold conditions already and it's just going to get colder overnight. a live view of the bay bridge lit up there looking great from the camera, current temperature readings 45 in san francisco. that's not so cold. 37 in oakland. 38, redwood city 35 and 36 at half moon bay. that's chilly. another live view of the san
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francisco skyline from the explore tore yum camera. more temperature readings, low 30s around freezing already. at santa rosa, napa, concord, liver more 35, it will be down to freezing shortly. a live view looking at the babi babies, the forecast features, a freeze warning in effect for the next two mornings, chilly in the afternoons the next couple days and winterly mix of precipitation, rain for sure and maybe snow in the higher bay area peaks friday evening into saturday morning. unbelievable the weather we're having now. and the weather that's coming our way. satellite image shows a big pool of cold air dominating at the moment tonight will likely be the coldest night in the near forecast future ask a storm, a cold arctic storm coming down in our direction from the north and that's going to bring precipitation. we'll start the forecast animation 11:00 tonight and as the storm moves early friday morning beginning of the rush hour 5:00 a.m., rain pushing
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into parts of the north bay and mid morning 9: 00 wide spread rain down into the peninsula and south bay a bit. whoops. i went backward with the clicker. bear with me. we'll do this again. this is worth seeing twice. [ laughter ] so here comes the low. as if you weren't cold enough already. so by mid morning friday, rain in the central part of the viewing area and friday night about 9:00 still mainly a north bay and east bay event but overnight it will push southward friday night and then by saturday morning, we'll be clearing out but if the cold air behind the precipitation arrives quickly enough, some rain could transz late into snow. over in the sierra, a winter storm watch in effect from friday afternoon to saturday evening. the sear ra western slope will see 10 to 20 inches of snow. down in the foothills above 1,000 feet, 3 to 10 inches of
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snow and obviously extended travel delays are likely. back to the bay area tonight, expected lows down to 22 in napa, indicates record lows for tomorrow as december 5th. so napa 2 2 and san francisco 33, oakland 25 and fairfield, those will all be new record lows for tomorrow's date. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. cold through the weekend, that winterly mix late friday early saturday. we'll start to see temperatures moderate just a little bit on monday. by tuesday and wednesday, high temperatures in the afternoon will climb back into the mid to upper 50s. it's going to be a long cold spell between now and then. >> three times, let's hear it again. >> let's go do it. i'll be back later. >> thanks. you know, doing good this holiday season could make you $7,000 richer. go to abc 7 news facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. with each pledge, we'll donate
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$1 in your honor to the bay area's feeding america food banks, up to $75,000 and everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 in cash. the winners will be announced december 19th. so spread the love and help us give where you live. we'd love to get you involved. still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00 is there such a thing as a healthy shower? we'll take you to a bathroom
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all right. you know what they say, what happens in vegas stays in vegas but this next idtem is so cuttig
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edge it's not staying there. it's a vitamin c infused shower. a special filter is strapped to the shower giving you a spray on vitamins. those promoting the shower claim it counter acts the chlorine in the water. >> we actually started out a year ago with 42 rooms here at the mgm grand and by the end of this month, we'll expand it to 171. >> reporter: vitamin c in the shower? that's too much, come on. >> never too much. >> i don't think that taking a shower that's infused with vitamin c does any harm. it doubt it has real benefits directly to the skin. >> who knows, right? anyway, guess what celebrities are hopping on board. actor leonardo dicaprio bought an apartment with a vitamin c shower head. working their magic on the
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bay bridge. here is a live picture and as you can see, even on a clear night, the lighting isn't that impressive. i think it actually looks good, but they will argument so over the past few weeks, a team of experts is installing low energy led lights, nearly 8,000 to eliminate the span. it will cost $2 million but privately raised money. the lights will be tested sometime next week and should go on permanently by the end of the month, perhaps around christmas we shall see. coming up next, another half hour of abc 7 news at 9:00 moments away, so stay with me. up next, the thieves that may have stolen more than they bargained for when they targeted a truck this week. also, the terrific triplets born at a northern california hospital. how rare they really are just ahead. and the office chair that can keep you warm without heating up the whole room, it's a clever a subaru...
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in mexico and along the boarder, worries about a truck carrying highly radio active material reported stolen monday morning. it's been found but some dangerous cargo has been removed and there is eight hoa heighten of contamination or worse. brandi hitt has details. >> reporter: a truck hauling a medical device with cobalt 60, a radio active material used to treat cancer patients was found abandoned and empty north of mexico city. about a half mile away, authorities located roughly 40 dpr grams of the shipment.
9:31 pm
the device stored inside the truck was stolen on it's way to a radio active way storage facility not far from the mexican capital. on monday, at 2:00 a.m. two armed men confronted the drivers at a remote gas station. the gunman took off with the truck and the car go. authorities don't know who they are or if they knew what they stole. the radio active poses no risk as long as the container is not fractured or tampered with. >> you can let a lethal dose in a few minutes. >> reporter: things like this one have worried u.s. officials because the radio active mat material could be used to make a dirty bomb. >> they need to know how tondle giving themselves in ka past tating doses of radiation. >> reporter: the thieves most likely wanted the cargo van for
9:32 pm
the platform and crane and may not have known the radio active material was on board. in los angeles, the man charged with killing a tsa officers and wounding three others appeared in court with bruises on his face and a bandage on his neck. it's the first time he's been seen publicly since the shooting. paul ciancia is being housed in federal custody. he did not enter a plea. investigators say the 23-year-old was targeting tsa officers when he killed hernandez that day, some sort of vendetta against the government apparently. also in los angeles, the county coroner's office released the autopsy results of paul walker. the report says walker died of traumatic and term l injuries, from the crash and being burned. his friend who was driving died
9:33 pm
on impact. the porsche they were in, slammed into a pole and exploded in flames. there you see the plume of smoke. investigators are trying to figure out why they crashed. toxicology results won't be back for several weeks. officials say speed was a factor. universal pictures shut down production for a period of time on fast and furious seven following the death. it is assessing all options to move forward. most of the seventh installment has been filmed already but far from complete so they are trying to figure out what to do with the film. it's scheduled for release next july. it is a blessed event times three. a couple hit the jackpot with triplets, identical. that's a feet so rare the odds are better to hit the lottery, believe it or not. wolf gray reports. >> reporter: abby, brindabell
9:34 pm
and lorrie. the odds of identical triplets like this, according to their doctor, 1 in a million, maybe 200 million. >> very, very rare. first one i've seen in 30 years of doing this. >> reporter: they were born at 33 weeks a bit early. their parents are in the early stages of getting over the shock of three. >> it's everything at once. i think you can get lost just staring in their face and then it's just in the moment, but it's overwhelming to think about everything to come. >> reporter: the three girls weighed between 3 and 4 pounds and should be able to go home by the first of the year, their original due date. more kids down the road or pretty happy with three at once? >> this is more than we bargained for. >> reporter: they are set on kids for awhile. that was wolf gray reporting. apple has reached a long awaited deal with china mobile
9:35 pm
to offer the iphone to the world's largest wireless carrier. the company has 760 million subscribers, so it's a huge market. the wall street journal says the rollout is expected around december the 18th. and despite rumors to the contrary, people are still watching television, besides you of course. we thank you for watching and paying attention now. americans spent slightly less time watching live tv. we sat in front of the set for 4.4 hours a day, that's down three minutes but when you include video on demand viewer ship is skyrocketing. 70% of subscribers watch shows on demand. the report did not include streaming services like netflix and hulu. i sure do appreciate you watching, thank you. just ahead at 9:00, three
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the night sky got a little bit brighter in san jose of a tree lighting ceremony. we're being told this is the largest living christmas tree lit up in northern california. isn't that something? it's 150 feet tall rising above near wind chester boulevard. you'll see it as you drive along interstate 280. it has a place to donate to toys for tots and you can give at other locations and find them on our web page abc 7 news. toys for tots, a great charitable effort this time of year. three good samaritans who rescued three people from a submerged car in june were deservingly honored today and the family they saves was there to applaud their amazing bravery. caroline tyler has more on that
9:40 pm
ceremony. >> reporter: you're looking at a room full of heroes, paramedics, emts, firefighters but today three people not trained as first responders are also being recogniz recognized. >> i didn't think about it for a second. instick well. >> reporter: it was on father's day tracy on her way home saw a car full of people sinking in the oakland est wary. >> i was treating water looking at two kids through a pained window and touching my hands, too. >> reporter: two men who were coming back from a father's day brunch also jumped into action. eric used a knife to break a window, and andrew good win helped the victims when they got to shore. today all three received california emergency medical services awards and beyond the honor, they have a family forever grateful. >> i felt like i'm going to die
9:41 pm
now. that's what i thought after myself. i thought let me go to my kids i hug for the last time. >> reporter: she and her children now considered the good samaritans extended family and their thanks includes paramedic rebecca foster who pulled them from the car just before it went under. she also received a metal today. >> thank you for saving my life and my family life. >> reporter: there are 60,000 emts and 20,000 paramedics in the state, but bystanders willing to risk their lives -- [ applause ] >> reporter: today, we met three. in san francisco, caroline tylee, abc 7 news. a new report of
9:42 pm
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you mayee a picket line outside fast food restaurants. they are planning strikes to protest low wages. it follows similar strikes earlier this year. workers earn barely enough to make ends meet they say. >> how can you live on $7.25. if you have a family on zero you can support yourself. >> the nation the restaurant association says a big wage increase would result in high menu prices and fewer jobs. it called after president obama
9:46 pm
called on congress to raise the federal moninimum wage. last night we told you about the person leaving big tips. in michigan a wait tore got a $3,000 tip and last month someone sitting at a table at harris' steak house in san francisco got a $5,000 tip signed tips for jesus. it's discovered the mystery tipper, former paypal vice president cashed out for millions when the company was sold. he has not confirmed the report. more the come. well, when the weather gets cold, we often look for creative ways to stay warm without driving up the bill. tonight researchers may have found one and as abc 7 news jonathan bloom explains, you don't have to leave the comfort of your chair. >> reporter: it looks like a chair but the word chair isn't
9:47 pm
anywhere in the name. this is a personal comfort system. >> we try to make something look like a regular desk chair, as you can see but the difference is inside. >> reporter: hidden beneath the black are three silent fans, two heating coils and a battery. >> i'm in heating mode and if i switch to cool, i get the blue light and immediately cooled. i can feel it instantly. >> the doctor lead the research. they study all sorts of ways to keep workers happy and save energy at the same time. from this to a one-watt desk fan and a cooling pad for your wrist. >> during the winter, they can turn this. >> reporter: they found heating and cools people is a lot more efficient than heating and cooling a building. >> in the library, we're able to cut the thenergy use by 50%. >> they have been testing the chair out on real people on the
9:48 pm
test chamber where it's 64 degrees. my nose was chilly but since i sat down i forgot because i'm toasty warm. >> the results are positive. >> reporter: with 30 test subjects, they brought the room to a humid 86 with hardly complain complaints. >> when th heye control, they always perceive it better. >> reporter: there is also this, two people can have a ten degree difference in the way they perceive temperature. now in instead on arguing, they can both be comfortable. >> we hope that we are going to change the rules. we are going to change the way the people design forcomfort. >> reporter: they are shopping for a manufacturer who will make the chair. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. well, one last check on the weather, spencer christian is here. spencer, we need all -- we need all of us to get those chairs, as quickly as possible. >> indeed. the weather and warriors burr.
9:49 pm
clear skies now. it's cold already across the bay area. as we look at san francisco, this is a look at the proejected low temperatures overnight compared with the existing record lows tomorrow morning's date in these locations. the records were set in 1972 which is a very cold december 5th that year. but we expect napa to go down to 26 tonight, a new record, 33 oakland, all those temperatures would be new record lows for those locations for tomorrow's date. by the way, speaking of tomorrow across the state, a much cooler than average day everywhere. highs of only 47 in chicco and fresno 60 and los angeles and san diego, this is tomorrow afternoon, by the way, mainly in the upper 40s, a few locations will hit 50. here is the accuweather seven-day toforecast. cold through the weekend and late friday into e
9:50 pm
rain at sea level and maybe snow in higher peaks. temperatures will moderate midweek next week. cold. >> we'll be ready. >> indeed. >> thank you very much. cal is expected to announce it sold the naming rights for the field at memorial stadium tomorrow. in word on who it is or how much is being paid, only that it is a bay area based corporation with ties to the university. should be good news, a bit of good news for cal, which has 474 million dollar in debt. this is for the field only. it will not change the traditional memorial stadium name. speaking of naming rights, the 49er posted this brief speed it up video of a levis sign hosted on to the new home today on top a scoreboard, the 49ers will play at levi stadium next season. and back to cal for a moment, biel field has a nice ring. >> biel field. >> yes. >> what's the price?
9:51 pm
i mean, i'm not going to retire with the 474 million they owe. >> maybe $474. >> i would do that for biel field. my contribution. sandy barber knows how to reach me. the 4 niners are hoping for the crowd to be a factor. they sent out a fans' guide and might as well have been a black page. is there a guide for stopping russell wilson? the niners will try to draw one up. that's next in sports.
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life.
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. coming up tonight at 11:00 the cold snap. from the north bay to the south bay, we'll take you there live. how people and pets are dealing with freezing weather. millions of facebook, twitter and goggle accounts hacked. how you can be a victim and not know it. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00.
9:55 pm
i got facebook up now. i hope i haven't been hacked. >> those pictures you see of me, that wasn't me. [ laughter ] >> put your head -- >> exactly. that's how it happened. in the nfc the road to the super bowl goes through seattle. the seahawks look unbeatable at home. nobody will touch them. they have been vulnerable on the road ask that's where they will be on sunday right here against the 49ers tight end vernon davis calling this a statement game for the niners. the statement that was made back in week two was ut oh, the niners got blasted by the seahawks up in seattle. it's amazing in two years russell wilson has gone from an under sized quarterback project, nobody really was sure would make it and too small and all this stuff. now he's a lethal weapon. he loses poise per saurecise an fun to chase down. >> extends plays. moves the pocket. you see it all the time, guys get close to him.
9:56 pm
he's running backwards and 15, 20 yards. so, you know, he's a little quicker than some d linemen, i guess, i'm one of them. >> that's for sure. in a move that's being mocked everywhere, especially up in seattle, the niners put out the fan's guide to game day telling fans wear red obviously be on time and know your queues. i love this. communication at the line of scrimmage is critical. keep it quiet when the 49ers are on offense. there is a battle prize to yell and it goes o-whoo, o-whoo. >> terrifying, larry. >> if you put out your fan guide, my thought is maybe do it before the season starts, not week 14. sour doe sam i know you're better than this. like russell wilson, kaepernick exploded on the scene. he engages while cap looks like he's enduring a root canal.
9:57 pm
he was asked why he doesn't say very much. >> well, the contract to play football, the media is something i have an obligation to do. >> that's all you get. thank you. >> the raiders head cross country to take on the jets homecoming of sorts for quarterback matt who knee up two hours from metlife stadium. despite the back to back losses, he's more the face of the offense than prior was injured. who knows if he comes back and when. unlike capper nick, he is much more accepting of the off field responsibilities, at least as it pertains to media. >> it is what it is. it's part of your job. it's part of playing the quarterback position. understand it comes with the territory and some guys enjoy it. some don't. like i said, you know, you accept it. you know, it's part of your life now, part of your day and you move on. keep going.
9:58 pm
>> mike eastside line two step will cost him $100,000. he was on the field during a kick off return and impeded jacoby jones. he said he was looking up at the play on the jumbo tron and didn't know where he was. they are considering docking the draft pick on top of a monetary fine. that seems hash but want to put an end to that. winston will find out tomorrow whether he'll face rape charges. the prosecutor will reveal findings tomorrow. he's under investigation after a woman said winston raped her almost a year ago. the attorneys say they that a consense well relationship. the fact that prosecutors are calling a news conference rather than issuing an arrest warrant is seen that charges will not be filed. marcus has been named the interim head coach at the university of washington. he was the quarterback's coach under steve who left for ucs.
9:59 pm
he spent six seasons with the raiders, could be in for a bay area visit because there is a chance of the fight hunger bowl. we'll know for sure this weekend. college hoops hard to believe, coach at north carolina roy williams at unc 6-0 against tom iz sow in michigan state. bringing the pain here. michigan state jacked up 24-3 and made seven and the tarhills took advantage. jp on the break away here. williams now 7-0 against izzo. the heels roll and kind of surprising because north carolina has had a couple big wins this season but losses to teams like belmont who are way lower in a scale ranked you would expect. it's been a roller coaster ride but beat the number one team in the nation. the nation. >> this edition of abc 7 news at
10:00 pm
[♪] thanks for a great year. you got it. mr. winger. i hope you will be seizing the day this summer.


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